Parkinson’s Disease and Sleeping with the Enemy

My first few years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s were crazy — trying to get the timing of the drugs right, the dosages, the amounts, dealing with side effects. Looking back, I think one of the most frustrating aspects of the drugs was how sleepy they made…

What Young-onset Parkinson’s Can Look Like

Not so many years ago, I was taking 27 pills a day to curb my Parkinson’s symptoms. That number didn’t include the supplements I was advised to take along with my medication. I took some of the pills to mask the symptoms and the others to combat…

Dealing with Strangers and ‘The Stare’

It’s bound to happen. You know, that dreaded moment when a stranger can’t stop looking at you because you can’t stop wiggling. If only you could sit down and put your hands under your behind. It’s likely no one would notice. But it doesn’t matter. You’ve been found out. You…

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