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这 ”介于两者之间” is my new Parkinson’s self-management tool. I use it every day to help me switch from old ways of reacting to the “flicker effect” (dysregulated systems). It provides improved threshold management and mindful movements, which make life easier.

The old ways are like a paved walking path in the park. Such paths are easy to access. Even ground, no abrupt changes in elevation or obstacles in the way. The wafting fragrance from flowers, bushes, and trees enhances their beauty while strolling on the safe path.

The new ways are different, not well marked, like a crude dirt path through overgrown forest. It’s a struggle through snagging bramble branches and boulder-strewn terrain. Because of all the obstacles, it can be hard to see the path clearly. But the old ways are like mindlessly walking a paved path to nowhere. With a broken auto brain/autopilot, it’s dangerous. Better to take the road less traveled.


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The Emotional Flicker Effect Has Its Triggers and Precursors

When the noise gets to be too much, then I know I am approaching我的阈值最大以及越过升级的风险。在这种情况下,我并不孤单。焦虑发生at least one-third在所有患有帕金森氏病的人中,可能会对生活质量产生不利影响,如2019年发表的一篇文章npj Parkinson’s Disease

往往是意想不到的发生事件的that trigger my reactions. I recently was in a large medical center. After the initial meeting with the physician, I was directed to another floor for tests. Finding my way to the testing area wasn’t difficult. Finding my way back to the clinic was. I asked several people, but they sent me in various directions other than the clinic location. Down the stairs to a locked door on the next floor. Back to the wrong elevator and then a wrong floor. Yeah, it was a bad day heading toward ugly.


When I am faced with a difficult day, my solution is to follow the pause between with practicing the quiet mind. The quiet mind is a mental state of calmness achieved through meditation.

冥想是否可以抵消帕金森症症状最严重的症状?在一个案例报告于2016年发表在补充医学杂志, researchers suggest the possibility of remission of symptoms in some patients. They write, “We propose that the patient’s long history of meditation practice may have been one contributing factor of this improvement as meditation has been shown to release dopamine in the striatum.”

The book “Altered Traits” describes how meditation changes the brain and may contribute to slowing Parkinson’s progression. Science is catching up to what the mystics have believed all along, and it has opened doors of possibility for me.

Meditation makes it easier to “see” the new neural pathways in my brain. In “Altered Traits,” authors Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson speak of the practice of insight meditation — what I have been calling指挥培训。The quiet mind makes it easier to follow the pause between with conductor training. It’s not just relaxing in my favorite chair with a good book and a cat purring on my lap (although that’s a good start!). It’s about shifting the mind’s perspective. Along with that shift comes insight into how one can access those new neural paths.





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艾伦·贝里(Alan Berry)

C.博士,我欢迎每当我在专栏头上看到您的名字时,我欢迎经过深思熟虑的评论。从介于角度转变之间的停顿,我发现您的话很容易理解,对我来说是一个灵感。作为最近的新患者,我经常发现对帕金森氏病的探索,我们令人愉悦的疾病,有些困惑。特别是科学讨论。感谢天堂的导师,他进行了考验和磨难(例如您的医院访问),清晰而几乎很有趣。阅读今天的意见后,我已经渴望调查冥想。非常感谢C. C.博士。

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Having recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's, I find that meditation helps. before I was always rushing to do life, and with the walking shuffle I had I still wanted to rush to do or go somewhere. So walking meditation; purposeful and present with each step. Conscious with breathing with each step. Still doing life but now with purpose......


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