Creating Dementia-friendly Communities, One Dementia Friend at a Time

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研究建议genetic connection在帕金森氏病,阿尔茨海默氏病和刘易身体痴呆之间。因此,当我父亲被诊断出患有阿尔茨海默氏症时,我成为了倡导者痴呆意识

我也许ay not face dementia as my Parkinson’s progresses, but my dad is facing it now. Together, we areBatman and Robin。We do things together. The most important parts of our adventures are the opportunities to empower him. This could mean helping him pay the check if we go out to lunch (Batman: 1, Alzheimer’s: 0). It sounds simple, but it requires patience from others, and I am grateful when we receive it.

Recently, I was introduced toDementia Friends USA,这是一项全球努力的计划,以提高我们社区的痴呆症意识。上个月,我和我的妈妈参加了一次直播,并成为了我国100,000个痴呆症朋友中的两个。

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What are Dementia Friends and dementia-friendly communities?


The website also explains that, “Dementia friendly communities are villages, towns and cities where more people understand dementia, there is less fear and avoidance, and people living with dementia are included and supported to live independently for longer.”

Dementia is more than memory loss and confusion.

也可能导致vision changes。During the session, we participated in an interactive exercise that allowed us to simulate some of the vision changes that occur at various stages of the disease.


As the disease progresses, the brain cannot process information from both eyes, so it begins to use only one. This will affect depth perception. For example, a person with dementia may reach across the table and eat from someone else’s plate, rather than their own. They see what’s directly in front of them, but not its dimensions.

The presentation ended with a video from the perspective of someone with dementia navigating their day. It sent a powerful message: Educating people and removing the stigma attached to disabilities can make a difference.

Do we have Parkinson’s- and disability-friendly communities?


9月是世界阿尔茨海默氏症的月份。考虑成为痴呆症朋友,或鼓励您的雇主成为一个dementia-friendly business。Together, we can build communities where people with all disabilities, including dementia, are understood and accepted.

Or, perhaps we can take it a step further, and be patient and kind to everyone. Everyone struggles with something that others can’t see.

Is your community disability-friendly? Let me know in the comments below, or share your experiences at the帕金森今天的新闻Forums


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Good for you. I hope you find support in your community. Visit our forums and join the conversation...

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God’s blessings sweet friend!

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