这是我每周的清醒播客第196集 清醒的播客 系列。

我想成为 Rich Roll播客.

If 您 不要’t know who he is, he’是超级耐力跑步者,以前是过度饮酒者。他’现在是一名纯素食运动员,他的播客非常受欢迎。他与人们谈论健康和保健,而不仅仅是恢复(尽管与他交谈的人有饮酒过量的历史,但通常至少会成为他们谈话的潜台词)。

I figured someone in my group probably knows who he is. Either 您 live in LA, or 您 know him, or 您 know his wife, Julie Piatt, or 您 know his cafe (Joi Cafe).

I’d like to be on his show because I think that I have an interesting perspective to offer, particularly as I just listened one of his archived episodes, where at the end, he and the guest — and the guest was another over-drinker, marathon ultra-endurance runner — were discussing how do 您 reply to people who email and say, “you’ve inspired me, I want to quit 喝, what’s 您r advice?”

当然,他们两个采用不同的方法。我在听的时候觉得“gee I would say 完全不同的事情 that will reach a whole other group of people that these two responses 不要’t reach.”

我以下’ve在播客开始附近发布了3分钟的摘录, recorded while i was 出 walking to breakfast.

Do 您 know Rich Roll or Julie Piatt or Joi Cafe? Short of irritating him with multiple emails, do 您 have an idea how I can get on his show? Do 您 know someone who knows someone? I think the idea of a sober trial needs to be shared more, and we need to spotlight the newly emerging internet-based, 匿名, private, AND portable supports for sobriety.





(1-2 new 音讯 per week, 您 can cancel whenever 您 like … but 您 won’t。更清醒的工具=好的)


BG: “I 不要’t know this guy but I hope 您 get on his 播客. You have a lot of important information to get 出 there in the big boozy world.  My favourite part of the 播客 was being in the cafe with 您 (at the very end). Loved that 您 read the menu to us. It’s that 哈里特间谍 feeling. Do 您 know that book? It was one of my favourite’是我小时候的时候。墙上的苍蝇。能够观察而不被观察到… Love listening to 您 美女.”

MJP: “What I heard in this 播客 is: 您 不要’不必等待更低的底部。对我来说较低的底部可以’曾经是死亡或残疾。”




  • 100天似乎很长。喜欢大眼前的目标。您’我可能会说今天就做’一下来。我怎么可能保持正常状态100天?

    • 凯文,我还是一样。所以我说7天– which would have been the longest time for me without a drink in years. And then I said 30. And only then, 真, did I say, OK, maybe I can make it to 100. I’一天有一个单子,一瓶,我立即后悔,感到非常生气。但是我振作起来,重新开始。但是为此’d在第130天左右。因为是我’m on Day 45, and determined to make the 100 this time. 美女’保持分数非常严格,她’s 对. A bit sober, or mostly sober, just doesn’t cut it.

    • 凯文, I’m on day 90 and whilst 100 days seemed like a long time at the beginning. It has flown by and I can tell 您 it is the BEST thing I have ever 不要e. The important part (as 美女 would say) is to get 您r sober car moving. Break it down into smaller manageable chunks to begin with and congratulate 您rself for a job well 不要e every step of the way. Also, one of the things that 真 helped me was to 挑战 one of my beliefs about alcohol. Namely that I got a lot of pleasure from alcohol. Heres the thing though when I 真 thought about the times I felt real joy it wasn’t when I was sat on the couch watching mindless TV pouring wine down my neck. I realised I loved running far more than I loved wine. This was a real light bulb moment and I could 真 feel my 酒鬼 chains start to break. Now 90 days later, I am almost free. And it feels amazing. Good luck.

  • 我想我需要开始跑步才能戒酒。有时我会担心自己的清醒是否会受伤而无法跑步。一世’我不是超级流浪者(还?),而是它给我的礼物–能够将自己视为一个可以健康,坚强,可以在星期六早晨跑步10英里而不是躺在床上宿醉的欢乐世界的人–无限强大

  • 清醒审判的想法在许多层面上都具有吸引力,’很容易将您的想法环绕’很容易向您附近的人解释’准备分享您的整个故事。此外,您对清醒工具的使用也很棒。我过去几次去过AA,我没有 ’t leave the meetings with any tools. Your ideas about sober tools and treats are so unique, and they are what is helping me make it through this 挑战. Tools are something I 真 focus on when I know temptation is around the corner(like as the weekend gets closer) I now know to use my tools BEFORE the weekend, and I plan treats to have during the weekend. This is something I never learned just being “anonymous”在AA。在我清醒的时候,互联网一直是我的巨大工具,总是触手可及。很高兴能找到您的博客,希望您能参加Rich Roll节目,我想这将是一次很棒的对话。

  • 我也从未听说过这个人,但是如果’s 您r desire to be on his show, I wish 您 success! I started in an 出patient treatment for seniors, AA based, and then found 您, 美女. It’s a good thing, too. While my counselor there was very open minded and did not push the AA stuff too much, it WAS an AA program, which frequently drove me crazy. 美女 spoke to me much more on a level I was willing to listen to. I believe there is no one ‘right’ way to sobriety, but a number of things that each person decides works for them. 美女 was undoubtedly the most important factor for me.

  • 我喜欢可以公开讨论的几种选择…物以类聚,人以群分。我知道有些人在AA中找到了新的生活,对某些人来说,它是如此的宝贵。一世’我听过许多毒品/酒精咨询师的意见,即人们可以’t be helped until they 触底, that may be true for some people as well. I needed 您r approach…实验,激励我的挑战。我从来没有想过我可以把100天连在一起,但是’对我有用的东西。

  • Send him a copy of 您r book. I haven’没听他的话’s all about perspective, 真. And what he says resonates with some people, what 您 say resonates with others. I’m总是很想听听有关同一主题的意见;我想他也是– or he should be. Send him 您r book, because that would be a wonderful topic to open up with on his 播客!

  • I hope 您 get to meet this guy. He would be impress with 您r logic on this whole 喝 thing. Good luck!

  • 美女…我能够获得任何清醒动力的唯一方法就是完全按照您说的做…尝试100天的实验。因为让’面对它,如果我们可以‘quit for life’我们已经拥有了。相反,我们尝试缓和并反复失败。您通过告诉我们的大脑恰好构成框架“您已经知道婚礼,葬礼,退休聚会或星期二晚上的随意聚会就像喝酒一样。为什么不’t 您 see what it’就像不喝酒。没有人说你必须永远戒烟…只是现在。实际尝试100天。如果100天后您认为喝酒会更好,那您’re free to go back.”

    Hope 您 get on the 播客… 您’d be 您r amazing self!!

  • 这是那些打动我的显而易见的评论之一。我觉得‘secret’使您的计划在其他人失败的地方工作的地方是,它减少了,尤其是在最初的一百天内,‘just 不要’t drink.’ Don’t make plans, 不要’不能保证,就不要喝酒,度过那该死的日子。做所有需要的事情:洗澡,小睡,对待,食物,分心,避免,哭泣等。我认为有科学研究证明这也是戒烟的最佳方法(很难戒掉瘾)。只是不要’t。 ðŸ〜‰说起来容易做起来难。我们稍后可以担心原因和未来。显然,当你喝酒时…或只是不喝酒…您仍在处理转向酒精并因此被酒精着色的大脑。它’就像从纸袋中冲出自己的路,而在小竞技场上的另一个竞争对手是你。只是不要’t punch, 不要’t fight, 不要’t reason, 不要’t engage…只是通过带走所有酒精来使狼脱水,然后嘶哑,对手消失了。思路清晰清晰…almost magically…就像暴风雨过后湛蓝的天空。只需停止将该死的毒药倒入系统,您就可以再次发现自己。如果您以后决定喝酒的原因’再喝酒,我们人类所有复杂的外围设备都趋向于解决简单的问题。就目前而言,今天’t drink.

  • I’ve never heard of him, but I hope that 您 can get onto his show. What I got from the mini 播客 was that one way doesn’t work for everyone (AA), but 您 have to figure 出 what works for 您 and if it’s tricking 您r mind into 思维 it’s just a short time, then 您 get momentum and can keep on going.

  • 我没有’t know Rich Roll until 您 introduced me to him 美女. And what a pleasure it has been getting to know him. I watched his talk on why not to hack 您r life and it resonated with me. Take time 出, put in the work, things 不要’只是神奇地发生– they happen over time. 我不知道’t know him personally otherwise I would totally get 您 on his 播客 😉

  • Go for it 美女. 我不知道’t know who can help 您. Maybe 您 have contact with some one else he’s interviewed? DRx

  • 当我读到里奇’关于他在楼梯间的瞬间的故事,当他意识到自己需要进行更改时,我听到了一个共同的话题。
    美女, I think 您’d offer great perspective on his 播客. We 不要’必须一定要坚如磐石才能开始做出改变。我们只是需要真诚地问自己这个问题。

  • 我以为我可能有饮酒问题,但是每当我抬起头来AA时,我都知道那不是’为我。什么是?清醒的实验…持续100天。我知道我酗酒的生活…。但是没有它我的生活是什么….I could do 100 days….I’ve现在完成295并计数。它’在这方面对我来说好多了…

  • ALBERTTROTTER说得很好!醒来“party bruises”早上有什么好笑的吧?无论如何我怎么得到那些?我不记得了甚至从高脚凳上摔下来,在地板上摔碎我的头,然后被空运到创伤中心,这也是’足以让我停下来。那是5年前的他妈的,我以为我只是个社交饮酒者。我一直以为我没有’不必寻求帮助,因为我没有’t “hit rock bottom”然而。那到底是什么我在等它变得更糟。而且我永远不会告诉任何人这样做。你知道是什么使我扭转了局面吗?阅读您的博客,美女。报名参加Jumpstart课程。阅读您的书并以我正在尝试的心态来做这一切。 30天后– I’d reassess.

  • 希望很快能与您联系成为此播客的嘉宾。我不知道他是谁,但可以肯定您会提供很好的建议。我的问题是永远不会触底。我摔倒了,砸坏了我的脸,白天白白呕吐,酒洒满了一切,使自己尴尬了很多次,以至于无法数数并担心我的孩子们。但是这些事情都没有给我足够的推动力。我知道AA不会’t work for me, 我不知道’不知道我怎么知道,但是’t my thing. I’我很幸运能找到你。我的生活彻底改变了。只是希望有人每天都会听到我的答应,才使我有动力保持清醒,今天不喝酒,不喝酒30天,不喝酒100天等等。您为许多人做了很多事情,需要倾听,以便您可以帮助他人。好极了!

  • I hope 您 get on this show and many others because 您 have so many fresh and new ideas to share. Your perspective adds to the 清醒的社区 -and 真 isn’每个节目都在寻找什么…帮助人们清醒的新视角!

  • 等待事情变得更糟?! WTF ??我更喜欢您的方法,希望二十年前被介绍给我。我想想我在没有适当支持的情况下尝试去冷火鸡浪费了多少时间,并觉得时间永远太长。它’观察100天没有酒后的感觉要有效得多,有点像在等待圣诞节。我看着旧日记,看到多少条目令我为喝酒而烦恼–一遍又一遍地。失败的努力,愚弄自己并说服自己我没有’t “really”一直陷入兔子洞的深处时遇到问题。一世’在我清醒的旅程(不到一年)中,它仍然是相对较新的事物,现在尘埃落定了,我更加清楚地看到了需要修理的我自己的作品的破坏状况。处理感情是新事物–未知的领土,但它’很好。我可能浪费了时间,但我还有时间,我’我不会再让我离开一秒钟。

    People need to hear about 您r approach, 美女. Give them this option. The more tools the better. Your approach is refreshing, real. Wolfie personified speaks to so many of us.

  • I like 您r approach because it is Specifically Not AA. It isn’t反AA或什至反而AA(您可以完全同时使用这两种方法),但这与AA有所不同。我对太多的内容感到厌烦“AA or nothing”戒酒的情绪…which is what the one guy was selling. 我不知道’t buy into the “it’好的,只需等待它变得更糟,因为它会”想到另一个人也卖了。

  • 当我听到“你可以等它变得更糟” 我没有’t hear “don’t stop now” I heard “look at 您r life 对 now, are 您 happy with 您r 喝 or do 您 want to have other, perhaps more serious, consequences to make 您 feel like it’s time to stop?”

    The idea of an experiment is 真 the only one that could get me to try and see how it feels. Forever seems like too big of a commitment!

  • I’我希望有人可以帮助您参加表演。您的观点是独一无二的,而且对于某些人来说,您的方法仍然很合理,我’我在想您最近在英国广播公司(BBC)上的广播短片,这对我来说非常重要,因为人们对喝酒的看法有多极化。许多人只是将此呈现给他们‘you’re an 酒鬼 or 您 不要’t have a problem’…..you have found a way of describing our experiences, most of us think 您 can see inside our heads!!

  • You certainly have an interesting approach to not 喝, one that is important and reaches people. No one has to 触底 to quit 喝, or quit anything for that matter. If 您 feel better without it, why keep doing it? The addiction requires support a necessity for success, which is where 您 come in. You provide support from 您r 首页 to ours. No emphasis on higher power, and no clothes necessary! It’s perfect!
    And for getting in touch with Mr. Roll, maybe 您 could send him 您r next snail mail letter with a little tea.

  • 100天的实验真是天才!它给一个人一个“out” – they (we) 不要’不必向我们自己或任何人承认我们饮酒的确切性质,我们可以说我’m going to give it a rest for 100 days and then see what happens. You are so 对 about this method reaching a whole set of people who maybe *want* to stop but 不要’t want the “alcoholic” label.

  • I think that there are many different ways to crack this, and that the key to addressing it is to share, share, share anything that we know has worked for us. We have no way of knowing which snippet of experience is going to be key for someone else. Everything is useful and I think 您 would be a real asset for him to have on his show.

  • The Voice says, ‘oh it wasn’t THAT big of a deal, people fall all the time. Really it’只是一个有趣的故事!’ And as the bruise starts to fade 您 start to believe that it was just a funny story. Then the next thing is a fender bender in the parking lot at the bar and The Voice says, ‘哦,天哪,任何停车场的任何人都可能发生!’ and 您 believe that too. Then maybe 您 wake up one morning and cannot remember where 您 were or where 您r car is, so 您 sheepishly stumble 出side and breathe a sigh of relief that the car is where it should be, with no dents in it and The Voice says, ‘看,即使您真的很忙,也可以照顾好自己。’ and after the hangover fades 您 decide it was not such a big deal. And it goes on and on, The Voice slowly moving the bar of acceptable behavior lower and lower so that 您 can keep 喝. So to me, ‘等到事情变得更糟停止喝酒,因为它们的确会变得更糟’ may be a true statement, but it is NOT good advice

  • “I would be saying, 您 不要’t have to wait for it to get worse. You 不要’t even have to think 您’re an 酒鬼. You 不要’t have to think anything. Why 不要’t 您 just try 100 days with no booze and see how 您 feel.”

    这使我与众不同。我只是不能’永远不要想。我不能’即使我曾经打电话给他们,甚至都不想考虑参加机管局。我只是不能’面对组设置。一世’ve read numerous books on the subject, but nothing 真 convinced me until I found 您r blog. Even then, I thought the 100天挑战 was for others, not me. But I continued lurking and gradually I crept 出. Your book, 美女, was the second discovery. As so many others have said, 您 could have been writing just for me –我觉得你是从内而外写信给我的。

    我不知道’t have the contacts, but I 真 hope 您 get on the show and wherever 您r voice can be heard. I thank the day I heard 您. I’第38天M和狼人’还在,但你’re 对 that his voice is becoming less insistent. I can even say that on one or two days I haven’根本听不到他。我承诺要坚持100天,这是一个巨大的进步,但至关重要的是,’觉得自己太大了,觉得有可能。我觉得也许得到了支持(您和其他人’也可以访问这里),我可以做到。一世’我正在做。谢谢。

  • 我戒酒了,而丈夫没有’起初,一直因为不再喝酒而脾气暴躁。他说我’米它是酒鬼,所以我不应该’不必永远退出!我很生气的答复是‘不管先生义,如果你不’如果有问题,请尝试使用酒精100天,不应该’t be a problem!’ And he did…。而且情况变好了。另外,本周我打了6个月,今天我几乎喝了酒。每6个月一次’适度吧?一世’我今晚只能喝酒,但随后我的大脑立刻开始思考如果可以打破密封,我可以在早餐处喝什么,我也很可能会得到一切’ve been missing…然后,我检查了电子邮件,并在扬声器上收听了此音频。一世’d今天早晨听了,但随便听。我再次在扬声器上听了,我的丈夫听到了,他沿着点点头,’d made it 100’days and we weren’t fighting anymore…. and he’s gotten a promotion too! He drove me 首页, we drank tea and read ads… we’明天早起重新购买广告中的交易…。我们成功了,你
    Helped me 美女 and 您r rubbing off on the hubs! Thank 您!

  • 我永远不会去AA,因为我当时’t(足够)酒,’t 匿名 (enough). I’多年来,情况变得越来越糟,我为自己辩解,降低或降低了每个里程碑。一世’d always be able to delay because others were worse. I was 秘密ive and couldn’看不到替代方案。清醒的试听听起来像是节制的,但有很大不同。他们赢了’不能为每个人工作,但对于他们所追求的人来说却是无价的’我开了清醒的门。 1000天刚过去,我仍然可以’t believe I’m感谢belle的人之一’s support.

  • How to get 美女 on the Rich Roll Show:


    1. Immediately mention 您 live in Paris – (this is one of the few places that can break through a native Californian’s in-born ethnocentricity).


    3. Talk up the fact the 您 are a runner.


  • This post is so spot on! You have an approach that is truly different from anything else I have seen 出 there. I still remember reading through 您r book and crying over all the things 您 understood about me, all the thoughts racing around in my brain, the fears I had about not 喝, about taking that first step, about the idea of never again…
    What was also key for me about 您r approach to the 100 day trial, was 您r constant reassurance that 我没有’t have to believe 对 away that this would work, that all I needed to do was to trust 您, to take that leap of faith, that 我没有’试试看,不会有任何损失。通常,我过度分析的狼人大脑会一直在研究每一个论点以寻找漏洞,任何借口为何会’t work.
    然后,当我考虑所有小步骤时,我在书中经历的所有步骤…首先执行此操作,然后执行此操作,即使您不这样做’认为它没有任何区别,即使您认为它也可以做’s stupid, etc etc…那些也产生了很大的变化。因为当时那种不知所措的感觉很大…我需要有人握住我的手,然后一步一步告诉我该怎么做。那’这也是我书中最重要的事情之一’在其他任何地方都看不到。
    As 阿里卡特 says, finding 您 was a miracle.

  • 在网上找到您是一个完整的奇迹。就像上面的LovinRunnin所说,听到永远不想退出是很正常的事情,这让我感到宽慰。我自己尝试了AA,虽然我确实很欣赏他们的热情,但是那些会议的感觉并没有什么。‘home’为了我。但是我可以做到。我在做我喜欢保持清醒,除非我不这样做’t。大声笑。当这些时刻出现时(现在才是:时刻),我给您发送电子邮件或收听播客,并且它们过去了。等待低谷的事情是这样的;作为过度饮酒者,我们头脑中的声音说‘Drink Now’是超级骗子,擅长为事件和行动辩护。因此,有一天,酒会导致您跌倒,并且您的下巴受挫。声音说,‘oh it wasn’没什么大不了的,人们总是在跌倒。真的’只是一个有趣的故事!’随着挫伤开始消退,您开始相信这只是一个有趣的故事。然后下一个就是酒吧停车场的挡泥板弯曲机,The Voice说,‘哦,天哪,任何停车场的任何人都可能发生!’而且您也相信。然后,也许您有一天早上醒来,不记得自己曾经在哪里或汽车在哪里,于是,您sheep地迷迷糊糊地在外面绊了一下,松了一口气,使汽车保持原本应有的位置,没有凹痕,而《声音》说,‘看,即使您真的很忙,也可以照顾好自己。’宿醉消失后,您认为这没什么大不了的。声音不断地不断地移动,可接受行为的门槛越来越低,因此您可以继续喝酒。所以对我来说‘等到事情变得更糟停止喝酒,因为它们的确会变得更糟’可能是真实的陈述,但这不是一个好的建议。妈的,我的沃尔夫太吵了,以至于我可以在沙漠中和两个陌生人和一只山羊一起从醉汉中醒来,他会告诉我那是‘no biggie’。等待不好! !

  • 在此音频上给我留下深刻印象的是与Sober Jumpstart课程中给我留下深刻印象的事物。“没有人想永远退出。” The first time I heard 您 say that I just started crying. I 真 thought I was alone with that thought. The idea that NOBODY wants to quit forever was a light bulb moment. And then 您 said on the 音讯, “刚刚退出了100天。” I’现在是第111天,非常感激,你把我的生命线丢给了我。是的,我希望你能上Rich Roll’的播客,因为我知道有很多人需要收听该消息。

  • 我去过AA一次。我觉得自己像是一条水上无尾的鱼,我非常反对举起你的手,打招呼,我和我’我是酒鬼我认为,坚持不懈地去AA会进一步促使人们给自己贴上酒精饮料的标签,直到他们接受酒精饮料,然后呢?我不认为自己是酒鬼,但是我有个坏习惯,就是我自己或与发生的朋友每天晚上喝两杯酒。似乎所有活动都与葡萄酒有关。葡萄酒,葡萄酒和爪子,葡萄园葡萄酒,葡萄酒和绘画等的女性。Belle ’对我来说,下酒的电梯和停止思考饮酒的方法是完美的解决方案。我不愿透露姓名,通过她的入门课程,电子邮件笔友,一分钟的消息,装满工具的清凉手提箱和她的博客来提供支持。我已经放弃了100天的习惯。我现在在第132天。我喜欢不喝酒!我将继续保持清醒的可爱之路。没有她的程序和支持,我无法做到这一点。我知道,因为我曾经尝试过自己多次失败的退出。