清醒 jumpstart

If you have taken the 清醒 jumpstart class and had me as your penpal, can you share a comment here to help people understand how the class might help them. you can share a bit about why you took the class, and what parts you found most useful. happy you do the jumpstart class? post a comment here.





  • 嗨美女
    I took your jumpstart class awhile ago. I did not 得到 清醒 continuously at first. I went 8 months relapsed, 3 months relapsed. The time between AF days became shorter until I 决定d to listen to the class again and email several times a day. At first I thought it was silly emailing all the time…but it worked. To have someone encourage me daily made a huge difference. The changes in my life in the last 425+ have been outstanding. I have the dream job I have always wanted, (but an even bigger opportunity has presented itself), I have hobbies that I did not even 知道 that I would enjoy, I have a family that trusts and depends on me. I am going to be a first time Grammie any day now.
    I am so grateful for the 清醒 jumpstart. All good things have happened because I am alcohol free. Living my best life and loving it.
    我很少再想喝酒了,这是我曾经的一部分…not my future!

  • 去做就对了!

    我尝试了18个月来“适度”– no luck
    – AA –拥有其他了解但受限制的人非常好,因为我无法致力于他们的计划,但仍然收获了很多
    – books , read lots –好,但又有限– no feedback



    You 得到 that with radio belle !

    快速入门课程和笔友支持已成为生命线– I 得到 individual support and we are all different despite having many similarities-

    美女 is 知道ledgeable and kind – 她 has practiced what 她 教 and actually I think her underlying skill is that 她 is an excellent EDUCATOR- 她 has the double wammy of being an experienced adult teacher, an individual who has chosen a life without alcohol and has life experience that all contribute to her ‘package’ -: 她’s honest and funny.

    我正在第二年获得笔友支持,并增加了临时指导电话– this has given me the skills, confidence and support I need to live a 清醒 life !

    我毫不犹豫地花了££££££昂贵的红酒,所以我不会抱怨抱怨– worth every penny


  • It’s important to 知道 who you can talk to. Who you can tell without feeling embarrassed that you couldn’不能控制这个东西..您需要帮助。它’重要的是要有一个真正了解并有界限的人
    这也帮助我学习了如何设定自己的界限…. .I feel so much more confident , secure. I am no longer easily aggitated. And the truth is .. 美女 is the only one that 知道s….and that’够了。改变了我的生活

  • Before doing the jumpstart class I had only ever managed a max of 6 days 清醒 over the previous 15 years.

  • 去做就对了 !!!
    Helps so much to have this for the hardest time which is just 得到ting started. Then of course the daily 问责制 and ability to ask for more help if needed. I highly recommend doing the Jumpstart program.

  • Sober jumpstart helped me 得到 to day 100 and beyond. I was about 7 weeks booze free when I signed up and felt like I was losing momentum. The audios are great and so is the homework but the penpalling is the absolute best, for me, having someone with an interest in my sobriety, cheering me on, has been one of my biggest 清醒 supports. I ended up 得到ting all the archived podcasts and I still listen to something almost everyday.

  • 在Sober Jumpstart之前,我无法’t imagine myself free from wine. I had tried stopping/moderating in the past but never made it beyond one week. In desperation I signed up for the class. First thing 美女 had me do was sign a pledge to be 清醒 for 100 days! I gulped when I saw that! Me, who can’t make a week, do 100 days?! Well, now I am on day 135 and 我不’不要考虑喝酒!我恢复了生命’太棒了!我强烈推荐Jump Start课程!!!

  • 清醒的起步改变了生活。
    I signed up for the waitlist 2 weeks 清醒 and received an invite to start the class around day 30. I hemmed and hawed about actually signing up, because, hell, I was already at day 30 and I did it on my own and I did it for free.
    I 知道 with 100% confidence that I would not be 243 days 清醒 today, without signing up for the jump start program – 问责制 with writing/penpal, 清醒 coaching and cheering, 清醒 audios, treats, learning 如何 do different. All of the tools I have learned to become 清醒 have improved all aspects of my life. I have learned more from 美女 than from any mental health professional.

    但我同意美女’s comment below – you have to want to stop drinking. Once you have that desire firmly in place, then the 清醒 jumpstart is the way to go to cement the new changes and ensure you keep your 清醒 car on the road.

  • 百丽只会在您发送电子邮件时向您发送电子邮件(您的情况如何?)’ve drifted and have stopped communicating 🙂 otherwise, 她 answers 1-2 emails a day and has an apprentice for weekends if you’d like more. but the key part of this is: you have to actually want to stop drinking. that part is totally true. having a penpal is one tool in a 清醒 toolkit. we all need more than one tool, for sure. hugs from me

  • 我只能同意到目前为止别人发表的很好的评论…..我很高兴我选择了清醒的Jumpstart课程,并让Belle成为笔友。我已经厌倦了思考自己的饮酒问题,几乎一天都无法喝酒。当我找到美女’我潜伏了一段时间…我无法想象在100天挑战赛中取得成功。但是,我发现就养成新习惯而言,我就是格蕾琴·鲁本(Gretchen Ruben)形容为‘an obliger’,比别人对自己的诺言更能满足别人的期望(我’ll only have one, I’今晚用酒代替水,我会停在这瓶酒的尽头–你得到图片)。现在,认识到这一点的积极之处在于,我意识到外部责任感是促使我养成新习惯的一件事。清醒的起步为我提供了这一点,向Belle发送电子邮件可以解决问题–它仍然在我需要的奇怪场合下使用。课堂上提供了路线图,日常音频和计划,以及了解交易的某人的支持,以及我们与饮酒者之间的关系。在我无法想象能够停下来的时候,更不用说如何停下来了,快速入门课程为我提供了一个我可以遵循的计划,并且个人接触以激励,指导的方式提供了我所需要的外部责任感。它确实简化了一切。而且我只需要计算出每天喝酒对我的财务成本,就可以算出这笔投资值得。我不相信我今天会到– day 985 –没有快速入门!

  • I am still going through the jumpstart class. It has helped me because I have someone to talk to who understands and because I am accountable. Before I did it I kept piling on tools, email the 清醒 universe, signing up to daily emails, that wasn’t enough so I subscribed to the weekly podcasts . Finally I accepted I couldn’t do it on my own and signed up for the jumpstart class. I have relapsed since signing up but before I signed up the maximum number of days 清醒 were 12. I’m on day 57 today.

  • 我清醒2周后就参加了清醒的起步班。我之所以等待,是因为我害怕在可能不会持续的事情上浪费太多钱。头两个星期让我度过了难关,并说服了我注册,是您的免费内容,百丽。我吞噬了您的博客,一分钟的消息,包括鸭子思考在内的免费播客,它们真的对我说话。您确切地知道了我正在经历的事情,因为您也经历了它,并且已经将它弄清楚了。这些工具和建议意义非凡,我有生以来第一次感到可以*抛开酒水,因此*会无限地*更好。您的许多智慧已成为我的智慧,我觉得这次我真的已经解决了我的情感上瘾,喜欢喝酒,这与以前的尝试和失败戒酒而对我为何被捣毁的原因没有任何真实的思考不同用酒精来头脑。我选择了清醒的开始,因为我知道100个存档的播客会对我有很大帮助,而他们有帮助。定期向您发送电子邮件也是一种非常有效的清醒工具。当我给您发送电子邮件时,我基本上是在了解自己的感觉以及需要做什么以保持清醒的动力。您的回覆真是太好了,我觉得您已经100%同意了。回顾一下我们的电子邮件往来也是一件好事,因为它使我想起了我走了多远,并向我确认了我永远都不想回到原来的状态。非常感谢您,贝儿,我非常感谢您的存在!

  • It’距我上您的入门课程已经很久了(一年多)。我刚刚报名参加了所有活动,即起步年’s触手可及’ve现在已更新)接受您的建议–尝试一切,看看有什么用,不要’t wait until you’重新淹死,提前做–支持,治疗,休息,吃饭,睡觉。有时候我’让事情滑坡(主要是出于自满,’m sorted, 我不’不再需要这样做了)我’我跌倒了,不得不重启。它’这样就更容易避免掉头。所以尝试一下。看看情况如何。

  • 当我重新收听第1周的音频时(我仍然将它们随身携带在手机上),我又回到了它们每天给我的安全空间(播客仍然在播放)。
    I literally stumbled into the jumpstart class when I was lost with me alone in my head as well as sucked in different group programs, tired of searching for help in books; and sooooo 厌倦了思考饮酒 … Turns out, help might be in me, but it’s no shame to reach out for a jumpstart to activate it. Turns out, I could actively DO something to 得到 my sobriety started, but as there is no one-fits-all manual, having 美女 as a penpal and being in actual conversation was (and still is!) priceless.

  • 当我报名参加Jump Start班时,我只需要清醒头脑,这样我就可以决定自己想要喝什么样的酒。而不是感到失控。我喝了更多想要喝的东西,只是需要休息一下才能喘口气。时间框架是完美的,只有100天,而不是永远,只有100天。我发现我没有’不必白费力气或遭受痛苦。从第一天开始,Belle就拥有我可以使用并且确实使用过的可靠工具。她回复了我的电子邮件,实际上,Belle做到了,不是别人,是她。她一直是我的啦啦队长和教练。理解,包括理解我告诉自己的谎言 ’不知道是谎言。我从不觉得自己有判断力。我没有’不必戴标签。我被迫切需要的善良对待,因为那时我生我的气。我今天醒了404天。这从来不是我的目标,但我现在过着生活,清醒是我基础的一部分。这种清醒是我做过的救生筏’不知道我这么需要。现在,生活变得更加轻松。

  • I took the jumpstart class as another attempt at 得到ting a hold of drinking too much (not actually thinking it would work)
    I’m a year 清醒 in 11 days ( wow!). For someone who couldn’t string even 2 days together in the last few years it is a miracle ( I think)
    There are loads of things that have helped me- the most helpful I think is being accountable and 知道ing that someone understands what it’s like trying to stop drinking.
    And the insistent plea that sobriety is actually easier than stop/starting. Life is actually better being 清醒(unbelievably)

  • 124 days 清醒. 40 years of booze. The jump start gave me the hand holding support I needed to make it over the fence to freedom. I was lost and couldn’t see my way out if this nightmare. But I knew I could write and listen. Write and Listen. Write and Listen. 美女 was supportive and never judge-y. I needed something tangible that I was responsible for. That I am still responsible for. The jumpstart gave me structure and direction to craft my own personal sobriety. It was the thing that made the diff. I was not alone. I tethered my boat to 美女 until I could see the shore. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

  • I started the 清醒jumpstart because I could not trust myself to stick to the deal without the added 问责制. I thought it was quite expensive at first but then I realised that this is an investment in my future, my sanity, my family, my health and my huge well being …我很乐意再次付款。

    I could not have stuck to it without 知道ing 1) I’ve paid and 2) I’d let myself down …不得不告诉百丽(那些意见对我很重要)的可怕感觉,我需要重新设置…绝对是我永远花的最好的钱

  • 我想参加Jumpstart课程,因为我确实没有’t 知道 what i doing, i knew i didn’t feel comfortable at an AA meeting but i wanted some honest support and some good humoured company and structure to quickly 得到 to grips with what i needed to 知道. What i most liked was the sense of humour that 美女 uses to make dealing with something that is actually quite tough bearable – i liked 知道ing that i was not on my own and seeing all these other people were responding and writing in as well. I felt part of a community but not in an overwhelming way. That was really important to me at the being and made me feel i could dip in any time on my own terms.

  • 嘿!我刚刚意识到我正在做“is it worth it” and I’m在第83天。这使我感到很安慰,记得您经历了同样的事情。现在是上午11点,我想喝一瓶红酒。

    • 他没有。我辞职约9个月后,他辞职了。他’s a ‘normie’ so it’对他来说并不是一场真正的斗争,所以我怀疑他’放弃了对我的支持。他’在过去的6个月内,他们共喝过3杯单酒,但在此之前没有,从那以后再也没有。他有多沮丧… what’s with these 规范s anyway

      • Hello 美女, I 知道 I need to stop drinking. I rarely 得到 drunk, but I drink pretty much every night, at least half a bottle of wine, sometimes more. And at social events I drink more. My problem is that my husband drinks and doesn’不想停下来,尽管他很乐意减少,但还是要有无酒精的夜晚或每周2次。那不’t really work well for me. He 不是’支持我停下来喝酒是我们的事’自30年前我们相识以来,我们就共同努力过!他甚至开玩笑说,他认为这是离婚的理由,条款和条件的改变等。我担心停下来对我们的关系会做些什么,这通常是很好的。而且,在家里喝酒不会’使其更容易停止。我知道您的丈夫不是饮酒者,即与酒精有正常关系,所以我不’不知道您是否对此情况有任何建议。我目前正处于沉思阶段。我知道我必须这样做,但是时间必须正确,我可能在这里找借口…

      • 我有一个老公每晚都喝酒–在周末,他添加了下午– I’高底,绝对没有美女的帮助’s jumpstart 我不’不知道我是否会做到… my husband still ‘cheers’ me with his alcohol glass.. I still 得到 upset when I see movies like the incredibles 2 (!!) with lots of scenes of adults drinking…and this is the only place 我可以 say that!! I need this support and 美女 不是’t just 美女 –她是一群!我们看到来自其他人的电子邮件和帖子–与丈夫一起避风港的其他人’t/won’t/don’t want to quit…你有没有丈夫不节食?我知道它在房子里很难…我唯一建议的就是不要面对它‘head on’ – just ignore –(只是微笑和挥手,只是微笑和挥手)并使用借口。自己动手做–我去健身房,我丈夫不’t…我会困惑,我丈夫不会’t… we don’不必一直做相同的事情。

  • 我参加了清醒Jumpstart课程。这让我大开眼界,我真正与酒精有关的斗争。我很难看清自己的真相,但百丽以某种方式能够看到它,而我’我什至从未见过她。课堂上还向我介绍了应对人生风风雨雨的各种方式,而不是在瓶子里找到治愈方法。酒是蛇油。美女’的班级加强了这个想法。它’是我工具包的关键部分。

  • I agree with a lot of the above. The 类 are like having a friend on hand. It’顾名思义,这是真正的起步。我们大家都不会误会!它’这是我最好的事情之一’ve ever spent money on! The 类 are yours to keep. You own them. You can go back to them. They are gold. They offer such a depth of support.

  • 从VMD Free: “About the 清醒 jumpstart class: I would highly recommend the class. The audios lend a structure the first 7 days when you are just beginning and really boost you in the right direction. The audios really last longer than 7 days anyway because it is so helpful to re-listen. And the pen pal concept is so simple and so unique. 美女 answers emails like a good friend who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The support is much stronger and more personal than I ever expected from the Internet.”

  • 来自wynn: “Belle! : ) I had to tell you! feel so relieved! It was such a fight every dang day to just keep breathing and walking and living. And then on top of that the cravings and denying every single thought about drinking that would come up. I’m sure my soul was bleeding. The pain of those first few days 清醒 was excruciating at times. And I just had to keep praying and keep fighting and keep believing other people like you in 复苏 who are a lot further along then me. You said it 得到s better. You said just hang in there. You said keep going. Thank you for being here and 得到ting my sobriety kicked off with the 清醒 jumpstart class! Something has definitely shifted and I love it. 达y 24!!!!”

  • I’我很高兴地说我’m a “graduate” of the Sober Jumpstart class. I have not drank anything alcoholic in over 3 years. I tried so 多次 to stop on my own but finally did it with 美女. During my weak moments and trying times 她 was there for me with a quick response. I looked forward to hearing from her in response to my daily “I’m 清醒”消息。在电话上与她交谈就像在和朋友聊天有关您的问题’有。她了解我。她知道了。上课–你不会后悔的。

  • My jumpstart email arrived at 11.38 each morning and I pounced on it as soon as it arrived. It was an absolute life saver in that first week. I had something to listen to (more than once when I wanted to/needed to) and homework to do to keep me busy. The 清醒 treats were as invaluable as the audios and I still listen to the audios now.


    我可以’高度推荐它。这曾经是我一直可以找到的最佳支持。如果你’重新抖动,然后就去做。你赢了’t regret it. And you’re not alone. We’与您共度美好时光。

    • 自由—
      That was a very kind message. Loneliness and depression are what sabotaged me. This morning I have been trying to understand why after 6 months 清醒 I made the decision to drink. The holidays have been wretched and lonely for me. I’今天从第一天开始。通过圣诞节喝酒只会使我暂时松一口气。一世’我要在旧计算机上搜索我购买的JS程序。我想我有2014年的JS版。

      • 万达去吧-可以做到!我严重依赖Belle和SoberP(Belle’s apprentice who is also amazing) when I feel lonely, scared and down. I find emailing them and 得到ting their replies really helps me when Wolfie 得到s loud and I start to feel like I’我是唯一一个这样做的人。您’不依靠你自己。我们整个社区都在这样做,而您’re part of it. xx

  • 回复晚了非常抱歉。周末圣诞节假期和家人在镇上时,我没有检查电子邮件。我只能说,如果我没有参加Sober Jumpstart课,那我就不会在800天清醒了。它和百丽挽救了我的命!当您第一次停止饮酒时,您可以做的一切都是为了生存。因此,对我来说,第一步是告诉Wolfie离开。我的巫婆时间/最具挑战性的时间是欢乐时光(4-7)。我不得不改变自己的生活方式。我有5个有特殊需要的孩子,他们(像所有孩子一样)可以“从你身上吸走生命”。我们点了很多东西,因为有几天我只是早早爬到床上。听播客救了我,早睡就救了我,给贝儿发电子邮件给我救了,贝儿’清醒的Jumpstart班救了我,清醒的美食救了我,读清醒的书救了我(Belle’s还没出来) …有很多选择。最能帮助我的一件事是,如果我需要贝儿(通过电子邮件),她就会知道。我清醒的汽车开始非常缓慢地行驶。我可以告诉您,如果您每天都能顺利度过头两个星期,那么事情会变得越来越容易。如果要停止BOOZE,可以执行此操作。这里有一个完整的清醒在线社区,可以帮助您扎根。我们希望为您提供帮助。我们希望您像我们一样感到梦幻般。我记得我来自亚利桑那州的女友告诉我,每一天都越来越好。我以为她疯了。好吧,她是100%正确的。衷心感谢百丽!你是摇滚明星!!!

  • I am so grateful to you 美女 and my 清醒 pen pal. This is a place where you can be yourself and never feel alone. We even laugh sometimes??

  • 特别是播客,对我们大有帮助。我一般会听一(或四!) ’我早上walking狗。设置当天的铃声。我已经听过一遍又一遍,因为百丽不得不说的如此之多。一世’我确实挣扎了,但是当我爬回那匹马时,那些播客和录音“classes”曾经并且继续是绝对的救星。

  • 我总是要控制住它。那’s ALWAYS the case–isn’是吗?我们认为,上帝,我曾经能够解决这个问题。我曾经可以聚会或只是“decide” to have a glass….truth is we don’t ever handle it–豪饮处理美国。我们有不同的生活环境,我们在河上流淌。但是与我们一起喝酒,最后’总是严峻。不’必须是最低的最低价。那’s one thing I’我从这堂课和百丽中学到了东西。唐’t 得到 me wrong—我有一些该死的低,低,低’s. I’我去过瓶子的底部再回来。然后我想…我有点把这种喝的东西控制住了。我可以不时喝一点。我可以控制我可以经常这样狂欢…对?错误。只是雪球。对我们来说’s never ever enough…。我们只是继续前进。当您必须计划主持人或有配偶帮助您主持人时….well it’不是真正的节制。还有谁想要这样生活?什么’这是重点吗?对我们来说重要的是我们必须想出各种方法来实现它吗?不会啦’s not. That’真正的答案。我们的大脑与大多数人不同,认为我们如果不这样做’t “get”喝酒,我们缺少了一些东西。我们不’想要与众不同!一世’有百万个原因’只是不合适的时间。我证明’我真的不如—-那个人,现在。神!

    SO—我有一个朋友告诉我关于这个网站的信息。“厌倦了思考饮酒”说,那很有趣,她以为我’d喜欢它。我开始继续保持温和。我没’再也不会暴怒了。再加上没有人真正了解我。 - 我的天啊!当我来到这里开始阅读时“know”美女..,就像一盏灯亮了。这些人就像我!就像我写了所有条目。我有同样的想法。这怎么可能?所以,我接触了美女…告诉她我想做一个清醒的Jumpstart,但是要等100个承诺,因为我们有一个客人来一周,我们也有一个婚礼,但是,我要在那之后……BELLE回信给我,说,好吧’我非常确定您可以有个不喝酒的住店客人,将来还会有很多婚礼可以喝。为什么不试试看您的感受呢?它’s only 100 days….
    我像 —damn it 她’s right. I’m going to try it. I’我将看到当我对某人和我自己充满信心时会发生什么。我将其交给了Belle和SJ班。他们是我的生命线。我期待着每堂课。我检查了(并且仍然这样做)“sober”每天发送电子邮件,查看她发送了哪些智慧之词。她很好。我可以告诉她任何事情,她总是知道/知道该说些什么。所以—I took the class it’s the first time I’曾经做过类似的事情–永远!我买了她的书,我是播客。我自豪地穿上我的Sober是新的黑色项链。和–I don’不想让这个团体或百丽失望。 SJ和此站点将使您变得更好。我保证。

  • 我只能说百丽为我工作了!我曾经参加过AA会议和SMART自愿会议,但是进入第70天的方式是Belle给我的脚踏实地的工具。真正引起我共鸣的一个认识是“nobody gives a shit if 我不’t drink”。在社交场合我需要这个。因此,百丽的建议和工具“teaches” you are really things you probably 知道 already. 美女 puts these tools in very succinct audios that are sometimes better than reading. Her sweet-sounding, real world (some swearing) voice and real world, to the point, messages are what I think make the course so successful.

  • 我最初只有50岁,买了所有播客,与Belle签了电话协议,但第一次没有这么做。现在,我在第41天,感到更加自信。这次我真的在听美女。真正做到了她所说的并使用了所有工具。我认为饮酒和决定戒烟是一种孤独的经历。因此,要退出,您需要公司,支持以及最重要的是:灵感。我认为,如果您想完成某项工作,那么您会寻找成功完成目标的人并且也要这样做。就如此容易。不要即兴创作,这是失败的秘诀。按照跟随它的人的指示进行。美女超过4年清醒。她已经帮助并指导了数千人,她写了一本书,录制了将近200个播客,超过80分钟的一分钟信息,在真正困难的日子里做了紧急音频。她的性格和说话和写作风格令人耳目一新,充满希望,没有戏剧性。深刻的见解简单而诚实地说。她对酒精和酒鬼的说法是真实的。一切。实际上,您会发现您脑海中的声音在说“drink,drink,drink”..DOES 得到 less insistant as you 得到 farther away from day 1 and you realize: yes, I am becoming a “sober rockstar” no?”..(正如Belle对我们的描述。)。

  • 我发现播客是我日常工作的重要组成部分,尤其是前几周-我还读了《美女》’s book and the support via emails really kept me accountable and wanting to stay on the 清醒 path- well worth it too sign up and start today!

  • 美女 is the real deal folks. 100 percent worth it! I 知道 I wouldn’t be 18 months 清醒 without her. In class, you will learn 如何 navigate sobriety in a very supportive, practical way. You will learn about corn on the cob and Wolfie bullshit and keeping momentum in your 清醒 car. You can listen to the audios and check in by email as much as you like. Don’三思而后行,就去做。

  • 使它们如此独特的原因是它们充当了“how to”‘,自己动手做一份菜谱,一份食谱和一个项目计划。并非一帆风顺的理想…。它是地面启动的东西。 (我可以再使用其他流行语吗?)

  • I’m still at the beginning of all of this: 达y 13 of the 100-day 挑战. This is my third try at going the distance, and this time, I 决定d I needed some support. 美女’上课很重要。非常实用的建议,她将工作分解成一些较小的,易于管理的部分。这次,似乎并没有那么令人压倒或孤立,我’m actually 得到ting a sense of momentum, which I didn’以前没有。我完成了前七个课程,并订购了播客,作为上班和下班的动力,我听了。它非常有用。

  • 向我学习。我开始了Jumpstart课程。我没有’听不清。有时候我没有’根本不听。所以我失败了。我有几天的痛苦’s。我坚信,如果您认真地认真听讲,您将会成功。我现在不在第一天。用真实的意图和愿景去争取!

  • I’m on day 87 but thought I could comment on the 清醒 jump start class because I’m 100% sure I’将完成100天。对我而言,该课程的大部分价值在于前60天。那’因为我认为在这种情况下我们很多人生活在我们的大脑中太多了,所以获得专注于清醒的外部支持是关键。



    These next 30 days (up to 90 days) are all about keeping the self care I put in place of drinking on track by actively using all of the tools in my 清醒 toolbox. The value now is that 美女 and the commenters on the blog help me to remember why I started this 挑战 in the first place.

  • 这是我报名参加100天挑战赛的简介。
    I was on vacation and 决定d not to drink for the first time on this island ever !!!! I needed inspiration so I signed up for the jump start program
    我爱它 !!!!
    I highly recommend it to anyone who needs that extra support. The Audios gave so many good tools. They were comforting and entertaining and informative. 我不’我认为没有它我可以在第一周保持清醒。

  • 对我来说,SJ成为并且仍然是我日常生活的一部分。醒来,冥想,今天听’s 清醒 podcast. Write in my journal about the benefits of sobriety and think about any possible stumbling blocks during the upcoming day.

    Then 得到 ready for the day, and during the day have a few small 清醒 treats lined up to make me feel good if I need it (nothing huge, a nice coffee, a cuddle with the cats, 10 mins to read a book or do some crochet, just a bit of me time)

    At the end of the day I listen to the days 清醒 podcast again, maybe catch up on the 清醒 blogs, aways write in my journal the great (and maybe not so great) things about the day and also usually email 美女. The first 50 or so days I emailed her a lot! I’ve always been impressed with all my emails that I 得到 a reply remarkably quickly, considering how many emails 美女 must 得到 a day 🙂

    All this has helped me to be on day 99 today despite the most dreadful stress and illness and stuff, all of which would have had me drinking again on previous attempts to be 清醒.



    多亏了Belle和SJ班,这才是我最长的’ve been 清醒 for a very long time. And the best I’我对自己感到了40多年。

  • 第110天在这里。现在听起来对我来说很小,但是在我开始之前对我来说是一个巨大的数目。一世’d戒酒之前…many times…那是矛盾的吗?我总是可以减少饮酒,请几天假,甚至连几天或几周的不喝酒都请在一起,但总有一些事情吸引我。“Just one”庆祝活动上的一杯酒,有人正在保存的那只特殊瓶,个人危机…随你。此后不久,就会有一个遗憾的早晨:“我真的完成了整瓶葡萄酒吗?”床头柜上的最后一块玻璃被指责是从前一天晚上开始。在半夜醒来,口渴,微微旋转,后悔跌落到浴室& self loathing.
    我似乎一时兴起就报名参加了为期100天的挑战赛。我没有的朋友’几年来没有见过,拒绝了我的酒后,说“I’我最近不喝酒”并告诉我有关该网站的信息。发现网站几天后的一个随机早上,我给Belle发了电子邮件,并发表了自己的看法。‘Day One.’ It wasn’当然,那很随意。如果我诚实地内心深处,那就是我’d很长时间以来一直希望和期望。但我拒绝认为自己是‘alcoholic,’公平地说,我当时喝酒’不会给任何人造成任何麻烦,除非我内inner(或者我喜欢相信)。我永远不会去参加AA会议,而我没有’认为两者之间没有任何关系。
    就像我刚开始时那样随意,它很快就实现了。我头十天轻而易举…我超级上进,但是后来变得艰难。那’当美女的光芒闪耀时。她’曾经去过那里…(didn’不要买T恤,因为她只是不喜欢’喜欢在她家中乱七八糟或花钱…she’有点节俭)。 -她’是一个角色,是一个真正的呼吸着法国糕点,慢跑,有趣的加拿大女人的现场直播。
    And you really really do email with her and an apprentice. And they really really do respond. Quickly, and personally. They 得到 to 知道 you and vice-versa. It’s 匿名, but it’s personal and real.
    And that gives you 问责制. Whether you tell anyone else in your life, there is someone in the world who 知道s and who cares and who attends the situation. So for me at least, I dug in my heels, did ALL the things 美女 suggested, and it worked. It’的工作。我从来没有感觉好过。经过30年过多的饮酒和过多的饮酒思考后,我自由了。

  • The 清醒 jump start class was like a security blanket. I had 美女 at my finger tips by pressing play on the audios, but I also had homework to figure out how I would put pieces in place to support my sobriety. The 清醒 jumpstart class face me the tools to feel solid in being in a world with alcohol, while not consuming it!

  • 做吧!这堂课使我度过了艰难的第一周,并通过其他可用的工具/书/播客使我继续取得成功。笔友的电子邮件对我们很有帮助。刚刚度过了我的一周年纪念日,Jumpstart课是这一惊人旅程的一个很好的开始。

  • 因此,您隔夜(日复一日)坐在那里,考虑喝酒。停止喝酒,如何多喝酒,所以没有人注意到,我是否有足够的喝水,我不应该喝酒,只有失败者喝那么多酒,为什么你不能停止喝酒,我今天不喝酒,好的,我会只喝一杯,我可以把我喝的酒中的瓶子放到哪里?

    In the morning, oh boy, 我不’t have to describe it, you live it.

    AA??? I couldn’t even think about such a thing… so public so… out there. Besides I have a problem… 我不’t think I am an alcoholic. I am drinking (of course) and trolling through Facebook and find a post from 美女’s page. And the title… “TiredofThinkingAboutDrinking” said it all… exactly…. I didn’t even 知道 that was the problem until I read that and thought…. Yup.

    美女 does not think you are broken…. That is so important because you feel broken and bad and no one can make you feel worse about yourself than yourself. That is for sure. But 美女 offers a light… a tiny little light to be sure. It’s there. You can see it…. and then 她 helps you find your way there. Along the way, changes happen, and you feel better. Much, much better. A little later on, you are driving to work, cooking dinner, whatever, and you feel … happy. I 知道 it seems impossible, it really does, but it happens.

    You gather tools… your own personal tools…. In AA you must use their tools. Life is not a one size fits all type of thing. So you gather these tools, and you use them. Time just moves along…. Before you 知道 it you are coming up on your two-year 清醒 date.

    Instead of hating myself now… I like myself (not all the time, but most of the time). Those 清醒 tools… they work for every part of life. My life is different. Don’t 得到 me wrong, everyday is not sunshine and happiness, I have a real life. But now I have the tools to deal with my life in a positive and constructive way. It works. Good luck. I wish for you what I have now.


  • 对我来说,这是我所需要的日常工作。上课了,那天我不得不抽出时间听。我的时间(通常在床上),自理时间。我仍然不得不做一些工作,放弃所有自我,并真正相信这一切都适用于我,而我’免疫,但美女负责其他一切。我决定相信所说的一切并按照所有的指示进行操作,这是我照顾自己的方式,同时感觉到有人在照顾我。当然,让Belle作为笔友每天发送电子邮件是所有事情中最好的。并成为这个社区的一部分xx

  • SJ是一个指导灯。

    提供了一个灯塔,让我每天都目不转睛… something to look forward to in the beginning when I was establishing 清醒 supports and when it could have been so easy to give in to wolfie.

    I felt supported and that I found a tribe and a voice that understood the intense thing I took on. It gave weight to the committment I made to build 清醒 momentum.