当我写的时候 DDG‘今天早上的博客,就在昨晚,我想喝点酒。

美女:… out for dinner, tired, the couple next to us 原为 having wine, and i thought, yeah i want some too. i had to literally turn my head away, talk to husband, and distract myself. then the urge faded. It might have lasted a minute. which is a long time when you really feel like 喝. now it’s the next morning, and after 11 hrs sleep i feel fine (again). and i know from what everyone ELSE says, 那 it gets easier and easier as even MORE time goes on. i don’t think they’re exaggerating. and i want to get to where they are. where it’s even better than this.

我不’t drink because of this comment 那 Number 9 / Catholic Alcoholic posted on my blog:

9号’m几乎达到六个[月]…我清醒了三年,然后在没有清醒的网络或工具的情况下,慢慢将其备份。刚开始审核,但只是向我自己证明了一些东西。大约三个月后,我回到了喝酒游戏中, 三年 清醒过来。啊。我可以’甚至不接受这个想法。我的想象力太强了,我的大脑让我浪漫起来。 43岁,有2个孩子,我可以’t risk it again.


凯瑟琳(Katherine):今天是我的第259天,当我回首清醒的那段日子时,我感到害怕,愤怒,愚蠢,内,悲伤,摇摇欲坠,一个人孤单。想知道我如何使我的生活如此混乱?这不是’长大后我想要或想要的!…  我不’我不想再做早日康复’不想破坏我的人际关系,我不’t want to be the mom 那 drinks, 我不’不想隐藏我喝了多少,我不’不想再被酒精控制!对于那些正在进行100天挑战的人…you CAN do it…它会变得越来越好!!!这里的支持是我不支持的最大原因之一’别再喝了!谢谢贝儿!



That my friends, might be all 那’禁止我再次喝酒: 害怕后悔, fear of not being able to restart. Fear as a motivator is probably a good thing. That and the relief I feel: relief 那 i slept 11 hrs last night (guess i 原为 tired!). relief 那 i’m going for a run today. relief 那 i know 那 i’m going out for dinner again tonight and 那 i’我将是唯一不喝酒的人’m fine with 那.

团队100更新: 50名成员! 1人失踪,1人重新加入。欢迎使用最新成员:雷切尔(3),克里斯蒂娜(19),谢尔(25),玛丽(4)和罗克珊(2).Sober Kat诞辰199天!清醒的记者Kate在第20天,Belle先生在第8天,Katie在第10天。



  • Hello. I am on day 4 after countless periods of sobriety vs 喝. ( im 50) for the last 20 yrs. Sobriety is infinitely better. So WHY do I go back? The peculiar mental twist in the 醇ic brain 那 is stronger than any will power. But I can’不要放弃。这个很棒的博客将是我的武器库中反对国王酒精的另一种武器。谢谢!

    • you may find 那 with more support, you’会做得更好。每当我尝试自己做时,我都会很清醒…只有当我发现了狼人并获得了清醒的支持后,硬狗屎才变得更容易ðŸ™,

  • 591天对我来说!我一直在等着听到酒鬼的故事,他会说:“是的,我清醒了几年,然后我决定可以应付。而且我可以。没问题。让我想知道为什么我一开始就停下来。”



  • I’会告诉你一些事情–最糟糕的时刻,我的意思是我一生中最糟糕的日子就是排毒。期。他们保留了新的“clients”在一个只有十张床,一个洗手间和一些水,一些零食和几本书的房间里。就是这样。他们通过摄像头和一堵巨大的玻璃墙将您一直留在这里,并进行随时监控,技术人员/辅导员在其中记录了每个人的情况。如果需要的话,您会从他们那里得到药。只有当您停止摇晃并且似乎有所改善时,他们才会让您失望。那你可以进入“general population”然后在适当的房间里睡觉,可以与其他人,厨房,更多书籍和电视接触。他们最初让我们住的房间被称为泡泡(我可能不得不在某个时候写博客),真是地狱。其余的排毒也不是很兴奋,但我需要它。我在泡沫中呆了好几天…that’我有多糟。我没有’没描述全部,但我告诉你一些事情– early on in 复苏, 思维 about how terrible it 原为 in there, 那 very thought kept me 清醒 oh so many times.

    So whatever works early on, keep working it. Fear sometimes works. I think we all have a fear of relapse or fear of having to recover again. Like I mentioned in 那 quote (thanks for 那!) is 那 I know in my heart of hearts, 我不’没有它在我身上。我知道内和羞耻会杀死我。

    但是不管,我们’re here, we’re 清醒, we’re helping each other. How wonderful is 那? Congrats on everyone in their 100 days points…无论你在哪。 ðŸ™,


    • 如果我说‘thanks’ for this, it’s not quite adequate. your description is grim. really grim. but we all need to hear it. the results and consequences are real, no sugar coating possible. i can say 谢谢 for being here, though. 那 i truly mean. and i’m glad you’re 清醒. i’m sure i’m not *supposed* to say 那, but I am. i’m glad you’在这里。在玻璃的这一侧。

      • 你可以随便说什么,美女–您的博客您的规则!我没’t trying to be a Donny Downer with what I wrote, but I guess I just need reminding of 那 now and then. And yeah, I think I found my next blog in the process…ha ha. The grim show continues! Yikes! But the great thing is 那 we don’t dwell – no point in 那 if we are to live a life of contented sobriety, yeah?



  • Those the things 那 keep me 清醒 as well. I NEVER want to go through getting 清醒. And I’我很害怕这种疾病会把我带到哪里去。在这种情况下,恐惧是一件好事。